Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anime Girls, Coffee and Logic--Oh My!

Okay so I think I just need to write this out.
Today is one of those really weird Wednesdays. That’s it. Weird Wednesday. So I am sitting in logic class, minding my own business when this girl sits next to me. I notice she is wearing something not even my grandmother would wear (not hipster-inspired, just plain ugly). It’s like a knitted dress-sweater with this GINORMOUS black stretchy belt suffocating her waist. I am assuming she is a freshman, because I’ve been there, trying to wear what I think is “attractive” and really just looks ridiculous. Anywho, I digress. Basically, this girl sitting next to me is one of those anime-girls. And I’m not talking the cool cosplayer types that may be socially challenged but keep their shit together in normal society, but I’m talking high-pitched at 9am in the morning, saying “yatta” (which means “success” in japanese) at every correct answer she gets on her homework.
Logic+9am+no coffee drunk yet+AnimeGirl=Annoyed Kels.
That’s just a proper equation to put me in a weird mood. It threw off my feng shui or whatever you call it because every time she spoke, it’s like the inner sadist in me thought of perfect anime-torture sequences… no, not the hentai stuff, but more like a trivia night where she got every answer about her favorite Inu Yasha character wrong (but she was right), or something like that.
[Side note: I like Anime, so I have some credit of nerd-dom]
Back to the story.
So I am sitting in logic, trying to understand translating said statements into valid proofs and whatnot and every the professor asked a question along the lines of “do you get it?”
                  -“Yep!” Shrieks the perky anime-girl.
I jumped in my seat. About five feet up to be exact. Her voice startled me that I violently catapulted and my cup of coffee spilled all over the floor, not unlike Jooj’s stoy of the buffalo and crocodile. She made a face at me, Oh my Gaiden! I am so gomenasai! The only thing I did was sigh in defeat and try to tune her out.
So, five dollars of a triple shot coffee, strewn about the linoleum floor of class and for the next half hour left of class, I have to suffer through this girl’s voice.
I got over it and got another coffee. But the resentment has still stayed with me till now.
Anime Girls=Coffee Thwarters.
My question mainly concerns with what is with adopting the Anime-lifestyle at all? I mean, is it a coping mechanism? I really like Anime, don’t get me wrong, but I do wonder why girls (and guys, but I’m still mad at the Anime girl so this is focused on girls) feel compelled to immerse themselves into a culture that they horrifically bastardize?
That’s harsh. I know.
All right, I am taking a step back and realizing the lack of humor in this situation.
Lesson of the day: Don’t drink coffee near, or around Anime girls—Ever. Or you will kiss your monies good bye and feel an urge to ITAI! Someone!

 K+J out