Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Drawktopus

Moral of the story:
Don't waste electricity
The Drawktopus. It is a mysterious creature that dwells in every artist. This magnificent beast steals inspiration from every artist thus preventing them from drawing a masterpiece, like drawing Benjamin Franklin riding a T- Rex with an AK- 47 in one hand, the head of Medusa in the other and with a knife between the teeth. It is every artists worst nightmare. It entangles you in it's tentacles and dangles your pen in front of you like putting a Twinkie on a stick to coerce a fat person to run. With your poor pen out of reach, you are stuck there until the drawktopus gets bored and leaves only to someday return and taunt you once more.

I forgot to mention, the Drawktopus serves another purpose which is to distract you from school and write nonsense in your journal all day then leaving you with nothing learned.

All this overpriced education only to be ransacked by the dreaded Drawktopus.

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